In April 2016 Hanna Burkart and Philipp Furtenbach gave up their fixed living places
in order to create their own site-specific residencies.
By august 2018 they had so far completed 14 of these residencies which they inhabited for one to three months.
Journeys through Europe in this time added another 185 sleeping points.
Most of their temporary residencies were places not meant to live in such as abandoned office floors, workshops, manufactures, canteens, etc.
During the initial days on site the artists create functional and even desirable habitats.
In their constant adaption to different circumstances they are tested in finding new behaviors
in order to develop a contemporary, itinerant lifestyle.
Their expertises generate site-related discourse and lead to concepts and realisations.
Burkart Furtenbach document all sites, settings and experiences in text and image. 
A series of books illustrating their applied research will be published in 2019.


© Copyright 2017 Hanna Burkart, Philipp Furtenbach